Find inspiration for your online magazine with these stunning PDFs

Sparking the creative process when designing your own online magazine PDF can often be a stressful process. Suffering from a creative block is one of the toughest challenges you will encounter and when you’ve been sat at your desk all day tweaking things in Photoshop or InDesign but nothing you do really has that “punch” you can end up extremely frustrated.

How can I get creative with my online magazine PDF?

I’ve suffered creative blocks on countless occasions, often I find that other people’s work both inspires and motivates me to create fantastic new publications. So, when I get a block I just jump online and search for some inspiration.

Sometimes I will see a funky layout that catches my eye, other times a colour scheme takes my fancy and quite often I’m sucked in by a fantastic font-pairing.

I’ve trawled through some of the best digital publishing platforms in order to compile a list of online magazines which I found interesting from a creative standpoint. Hopefully, they will help provide you with some much-needed inspiration during the design process of your online magazine PDF too.

So, without further ado let’s look at some of the most creative online magazine PDFs:

Car Magazine

If you’re looking to design an online magazine pdf that looks like a traditional magazine but incorporates the interactive features available with digital magazine publishing then be sure to check out Car Magazine.

Absolutely Chelsea

Absolutely Chelsea is published by Zest Media London and is a luxury lifestyle magazine targeting some of London’s wealthiest residents.

With quick flick through this edition you find oodles of inspiration with this online magazines use of colours, layouts and typography.

First Class Houston Magazine

Want inspiration for your images and how you can use them with a minimalist design? First Class Houston Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine with a stunning, minimalist design and beautiful imagery.

Square Mile

Perhaps you’re looking to create a men’s magazine with a touch of class. If so, check out Square Mile it will provide you with ample inspiration.

A mix of eye-catching photography, stylish design and clean, crisp typography – Square mile is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

H&M Shopping Book

Online magazine PDFs also give you a fantastic way to showcase your products.

H&M show just how you can do this, harnessing all the power of a digital publishing platform. Their shopping book has interactive images, videos and much more.


If you’re looking for ways to display images in your online magazine PDF then iMODA’s online brochure will fit the bill perfectly.

This brochure is a perfect example of how to display stunning images with an elegant style.


Interested in fashion? it doesn’t get much more stylish than this fantastic magazine design by Motif.

Perfect inspiration for anyone looking to mesh fashion and modern art together.


Umbro’s 2015 teamwear brochure brilliantly blends sharp photography and clean design in order to showcase their products.

Adecco Group

Corporate presentations can reach new heights as interactive online PDFs.

This example from Adecco incorporates a clean, corporate style whilst expertly displaying key facts and figures.

Bliss Eleven

Digital photo albums are perfect for a variety of uses, particularly wedding albums and newborn photography as they are easy to share with loved ones around the world.

This example from Bliss Eleven shows a brilliant use of images and elegant typography. Ideal inspiration for photographers looking to expand the services they offer.

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