Should your publication embrace an e-magazine software platform?

E-magazine software is quickly becoming the go-to publishing platform for the world’s leading publications. Declining readership figures twinned with the high price of traditional print has led publishers to embrace the cost-effective digital age.

What caused the digital shift?

In the past two decades, we have seen the rise of the internet, in turn, the digital arena has grown exponentially and has touched every industry in the world.

E-Magazine SoftwareIt goes without saying that one of the biggest areas of growth was in the technology industry. An industry which continues to see rapid advancements in the quality and sophistication of its products on an almost daily basis.

Products such as smartphones and tablets have enabled people to stay connected whilst on the move wherever they are in the world. Twin this with the advancements in data connections and you have a society that can access information whilst sat on a remote hilltop after a brisk morning walk!

As a result, we also have a culture which wants as much information as possible at their fingertips, instantly. Gone are the days when someone would walk to the shop to buy a paper or a magazine – people head to their pockets now and pull out their smartphone device.

One can easily find a whole host of digital magazines online, catering to every conceivable subject and what’s more you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Should you make the switch to E-Magazine software?

In short, yes.

Utilising an E-Magazine software platform will help your publication in a wide variety of ways. Depending on your industry or the subject matter in your publication switching to digital may provide additional advantages but here we will explore some of the larger, more general advantages.

Reduced costs

E-magazine software will considerably reduce your current publishing costs. Depending on the setup of your business it may also significantly reduce your design costs too.

Interactive content

Whilst print publications are reduced to the written world and photojournalism, digital publications created with e-magazine software are interactive. This allows publishers to utilise not only the written word and photojournalism but also video, audio, lists, polls, questionnaires, quizzes and more.


Modern smartphones, tablets, and computers give people access to your content across a wide range of platforms, anytime they want it and anywhere they want.

Global reach

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions of e-magazine software for publishers is the potential audience their publication can reach.

Unlike a traditional magazine, a digital publication can reach people around the world, instantly.

Environmental Impact

Using a digital platform to publish your magazine will seriously reduce the impact your business has on the environment. By publishing digitally you will be saving both trees and water. What’s more, you’ll be reducing your CO2 footprint significantly.

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