Use digital magazine creator software to build your brand

Did you know you can use digital magazine creator software can for more than just making magazines? In fact, there are multiple ways your business can take advantage of digital magazine creator software.

  • Creating a magazine
  • Developing a catalog
  • Designing a photo album
  • Making a presentation
  • Creating a guide

Digital Magazine

It goes without saying that a digital magazine creator app can be used to create a digital magazine. Since this is what the software was designed to do it excels in this area and with a good platform you can create some highly engaging content which is pleasing to the eye.

You may not realize it, but there’s a strong possibility that your magazine could benefit from publishing in a digital format.

For example a digital magazine will give you:

  • A global reach
  • Lower publishing costs
  • A lower impact on the environment
  • Faster publishing and distribution
  • The ability to use interactive content
  • Better understanding of your readers
  • The ability to measure marketing goals

Digital Catalog

A digital catalog is a fantastic way to showcase your products while simultaneously increasing client engagement via interactive content.

Animations, video, and audio can all integrated into your online catalog. What’s more, you can also link to product pages from your catalog. A digital catalog will not only drive targeted traffic but also increase sales.

Photo Album

You can use digital photo albums for a variety different projects.

For example; a photographer could use a photo album as a digital product he offers alongside or instead of physical photo albums.

A fashion company can develop a lookbook to market their latest range of clothing.

A real estate company could create photo albums to showcase featured properties.

A company could also use a photo album to showcase their products in real-world applications.

Digital Presentation

Publications can also be developed in a presentation style format and used in a variety of ways within your business, such as:

  • During stakeholder meetings
  • During team-building events
  • During public and private meetings
  • During presentations

Essentially, you’re developing a powerpoint presentation on steroids! You can allow your presentations to take on a whole new level and impress.

Digital Guide

Digital magazine creator applications can also be used to publish guides. For example:

  • A travel guide
  • An event guide

A travel guide could feature information on; places of beauty, local wildlife, places to stay or places to eat.

Similarly, an event guide could provide visitors with information on a venue, keynote speakers, sponsors, and much more.

Such guides are so handy as everyone has a smartphone or tablet they can use to access your guide, plus, unlike print your digital guide can be interactive. This allows you to provide much more information and also engage your customer.

As you can see there are a number of ways your brand can take advantage of digital magazine creator software while saving time, money, and making your company environmentally friendly.

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