Magazine Publishing Software Comparison: Issuu vs. Joomag vs. Yumpu

Comparing magazine publishing software applications

If you’ve found your way to this page, then it’s fair to say that you have an interest in magazine publishing software, and you want to know which platform is best for your product.

I’ve spent a lot of time using the three platforms (Issuu, Joomag, Yumpu) to break down the pros and cons of each while exploring their varying features.

So, without further ado, let’s compare these three excellent platforms. [Read more…]

Magazine Publishing Software: Find The Best Solution

Find the best magazine publishing software for your needs

To choose the best magazine publishing software for your project then a number of factors must first be taken into consideration. In this article, we will explore ways in which we can narrow down our shortlist before making a final choice. [Read more…]

16 Tools To Help You Create A Magazine Online

Create a magazine online with ease using these excellent tools.

When you start out in the world of digital publishing, it can be quite hard to find all the best software, tools, graphics and templates that you need to create a fantastic magazine online. You often find yourself using a substandard tool or two before realizing that there are much better alternatives available.

But fear not, I am here to save you from wasting your time on the second rate tools. I’ve compiled the best, most complete list of tools you could ever need to help you design and publish a magazine online. [Read more…]

10 Online Magazine PDFs That Will Inspire You

Find inspiration for your online magazine with these stunning PDFs

Sparking the creative process when designing your own online magazine PDF can often be a stressful process. Suffering from a creative block is one of the toughest challenges you will encounter and when you’ve been sat at your desk all day tweaking things in Photoshop or InDesign but nothing you do really has that “punch” you can end up extremely frustrated. [Read more…]

5 Key Benefits Of E-Magazine Software

Should your publication embrace an e-magazine software platform?

E-magazine software is quickly becoming the go-to publishing platform for the world’s leading publications. Declining readership figures twinned with the high price of traditional print has led publishers to embrace the cost-effective digital age.
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Make Magazines with Free Templates

Make Magazines with Free Templates

I’ve received countless emails asking me where you can find the best templates to make magazines and how to turn these templates into a digital publication with an easy-to-use magazine maker software. Therefore, I created this blog post explaining how you can utilise my free online magazine templates to make magazines. To convert your final PDF magazine into a great digital publication, I found this cool free software called Yumpu.

make magazines

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How To Use Magazine Maker Software

Learn how to use magazine maker software in five easy steps

Creating a digital publication with magazine maker software may seem like a somewhat daunting task at first sight, however, it really isn’t as hard as it sounds.

In this article, I will show you just how easy it is to use online magazine maker software.

For this tutorial, we will be using to create our online magazine but to get things started we must first create a PDF version of our publication. If you have already had a PDF version then you can skip ahead to step 2. [Read more…]

Quick Guide: Digital Magazine Publishing Software

Find the best magazine publishing software for your publication

Is your magazine is making the jump to digital? If so, one of the toughest decisions you will face is when choosing a magazine publishing software solution. With a wide range of solutions available, catering to all budgets, you can quickly find yourself bogged down in a minefield of potential solutions.

My aim in this article is to try and alleviate some of your stress and narrow down the shortlist by introducing you to some of the most trusted solutions available on the market. [Read more…]