Find the best magazine publishing software for your needs

To choose the best magazine publishing software for your project then a number of factors must first be taken into consideration. In this article, we will explore ways in which we can narrow down our shortlist before making a final choice.

Attract your audience

People all over the world use cognitive bias when making decisions. We use this bias every single day, often without knowing it.

The future of booksCognitive bias allows us to stop functioning on a wholly rational level and instead create our reality. Perhaps the most important cognitive bias that comes into play for us when designing a magazine is “the halo effect”.

The halo effect, when applied to brand marketing, can be used to suggest that we, as people, will hold a higher opinion of a product based on how it appears to us, much in the same way that we often hold better opinions of attractive people.

So, what am I getting at here? Simply put, your magazine should be attractive to your audience and as a result, your magazine publishing software should provide you with all the necessary tools to provide an exciting final product.

All in all, an excellent magazine publishing software solution will allow even the most technically inept, design novice to create an attractive publication.

Engage your readers

People love to engage with content online, that’s the beauty of digital content, it’s not simply words on a page. Digital content can include; video, audio, slideshows and more.

Good magazine publishing software gives it’s users the ability to engage with their readers in a wide variety of ways. If you think about it, the simple act of flipping through the pages of an online magazine is engagement, but what other features would a good magazine publishing software offer?

  • Ability to add video content, either locally, via YouTube, or Vimeo.
  • Add links to internal content or link to external web pages.
  • Add audio files locally or via third party sources such as Soundcloud.
  • Ability to add dynamic adverts from a multitude of sources.

Always be available

Magazine publishing softwareIn today’s mobile, tech-savvy society, your readers want a product that they can access from anywhere at anytime.

That means your reader start reading your magazine on their smartphone while commuting to work on the train; they may then want to continue reading while sat at their computer in the office at lunch and finish reading on their tablet while curled up on the sofa after a long day.

So, your magazine needs to available on all platforms or at the very least be compatible with all modern devices if you want to compete in the modern marketplace. Hence, you need a magazine publishing software solution which can quickly deploy your content across all the major, modern platforms.

Be easy to find

In today’s fast-paced society people are used to accessing content quickly and easily. Therefore, your digital magazine needs to be something that people can find and access with ease.

Perhaps the best way magazine publishing software can do this is by converting your publication into content that is understood by search engines and therefore searchable and able to rank well on search engine result pages. Essentially, this means that your magazine appears on Google should someone look for it.

Another powerful way to be found is on websites and social media platforms such as Facebook. Any half-decent magazine publishing software application will allow you or your readers to both share your content socially and embed it on a website.

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